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Wallingford, CT can count on Brass City Custom!

Brass City Custom creates quality customized t-shirts, tanks, raglans, hoodies, and pullovers for Wallingford, CT based groups, organizations, schools, and local businesses.


With top-tier quality as our goal, Brass City Custom offers a variety of functional and on-trend customized accessories and apparel at very competitive pricing. We offer professional Graphic Design Services, as well as two distinct types of printing— Silk Screen and Direct to Garment.


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What makes us Wallingford, CT's best choice

for custom apparel printing?


We're Local!

Brass City Custom strives to cultivate relationships with the local Wallingford, CT community. We work hard to keep prices low and quality high. We love to assist small businesses and organizations.

We're Affordable!

Our small team allows us to keep our design and labor costs low while maintaining the same great quality. We pass these savings down to our Wallingford, CT customers! We guarantee we will beat the pricing of our larger competitors.

We're Reliable!

We make sure every one of our products is delivered with the highest quality care possible. We aren't afraid of burning the midnight oil to make sure every order is delivered on time for our Wallingford, CT customers.

We're Quality Conscious!

We strive to provide the highest quality custom tees for our Wallingford, CT customers. Every single shirt is meticulously printed and reviewed for quality. 

What Wallingford, CT groups

can benefit from custom printed apparel?

Local Businesses

Brass City Custom has created customized products for local businesses from landscaping companies to restaurants, funeral homes, and more! Our team has provided various businesses with competitively priced functional and promotional products. Contact Us– we look forward to partnering up with other local businesses.

Sports Teams

There is no team without team spirit. Who doesn’t enjoy a good ball game with a team shirt or hoody during the colder months? Whether you are representing your Wallingford team at the local soccer tournament or want one of your personal jackets customized for a hockey team you represent, Brass City Custom has you covered all four season with our cotton tees, traditional raglans, breathable tanks, comfy pullovers, and hoodies.

Local Bands

If you’re a local band from Wallingford, Brass City Custom can help you spread awareness and also bring in revenue. A simple tee shirt with your band name or logo goes a long way. We have more than just tee shirts- we provide tees, tanks, raglans, pullovers, and hoodies and can even customize articles of clothing you already own!

Community Organizations and Clubs

Brass City Custom has worked with groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions Clubs, Scouts BSA, as well as local chapters of ethnic organizations. We can print on almost any article of clothing for limitless summer activities, family reunions, clubs and more. We can print your Wallingford organization or club on any article of clothing you would like.

Freelance Artists and Designers


Brass City Custom creates one of a kind, high-quality limited runs for freelance artists and independent designers in the Wallingford, CT area. We have a catalog filled with various apparel and color options. Our catalog includes short and long sleeve tees, tanks for men and women along with unisex styles, raglans, sweatshirts, hoodies, pullovers.


Wallingford public and private schools can turn to Brass City Custom to create custom tees for their school. Whether your group wants customized tees or sweatpants for the flag football game or hoodies for the classic rivalry game, we can deliver!



Local volunteer groups can rely on Brass City Custom to print products to spread awareness for their volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, and community service projects. We have already worked with numerous organizations throughout the Wallingford, CT area to provide customized product to promote various causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about you (Jenna)?

🡪 I am a Pediatric Intensive Care/BURN RN. I have worked in this specialized department since 2012. I have studied sleep and baby development for years outside of my registered nurse license. I am a Mama to two (Aynslee 7 and Arbor 5). I have been married to my husband for almost 10 years. We love to travel and spend time outside (pools and beaches are our favorite) with our girls. Sleep is something I am so passionate about and I love working with and helping families get their sweet babes sleeping and sleeping well.

How Does your program work?

🡪I work with each family based on their infant’s sleep and feed needs. I create an individual routine for each babe (no matter what package is purchased). We work on getting them into a good eat-wake-sleep routine. I teach parents how to soothe without picking up (less than 4 months old). It’s so important for our babes to have a good foundation of being able to place themselves to sleep. Once we can equip your child/infant with the skills they need to place themselves to sleep...not only can they easily place themselves to sleep, but they’re no longer cat napping. I really strive to instill healthy sleep habits that promote quality naps and long stretches of over night sleep!

What ages do you work with?

🡪 Birth to 5 year olds

Is it really possible to get my newborn into a good routine and still maintain my milk supply?

🡪 YES!!!! Supply and demand. Establishing good feed habits early on not only helps build a solid supply but also helps establish healthy sleep habits. A baby that eats full feeds vs snacks is a good/content sleeper. I always say that babes who are on a good routine never have to guess what is to come. They know if it’s time to eat or sleep. It is easier for Mama to know the needs of her baby and to also be able to get out of the house easier and not feel like you are rushed or not sure why baby is crying.

Are there tears involved with your sleep program?

🡪 Always remember, with anything new that your child is learning and not used to…there are tears. Yes, there are tears but in a controlled environment. For the 4+ month old there is less intervening because at times when you intervene at that age, it is harder on them and prolongs the process. Always remember I am in it with you and I always have my Mama heart and nurse-brain on. Please reach out if this is something you’re concerned about! Would love to chat more 1:1 about your specific child/situation.

How do you show support during this process?

🡪 I always say that my clients become more like friends. I am with you every step of the way as you put the new routine into place. We text consistently for 3+ days depending on the package that you select. I will support you 1000%!!!

How do I get started?

🡪 Select a package is best for you or email me (4theloveofsleep@gmail.com) and I can help you decide. Most weeks I start groups (no more than 8 in each start date) on Sundays and Thursdays. You will be able to select your start date based on availability. Contract must be signed and payment in full before starting. I will email all routines two days prior to starting the the three days of texting. The first day of our three days of texting, you will text me as soon as you wake and are starting. We will text consistently those first three days.

What if we purchase a smaller package and end up wanting to stay in contact for longer?

🡪 We can upgrade your package by just the difference.

Do you travel?

🡪 Prior to COVID I was traveling and working in homes with clients. If it’s safe to do, I will be all for it. Pricing is based on distance and what your needs/wants are. I will be open to helping Wichita families or those in driving distance sooner than traveling out of state.

What services do you offer?

🡪 Routine help. Full sleep training. 1:1 Calls (usually for toddlers and up). In home newborn care, sleep training, and/or routine help. Night Nurse care for the newest of babes and even babysitting for newborn – elementary age. I love being as hands on as needed during the process or just there to be an extra hand for new parents.

How do we contact you?

🡪 Fill out the contact form or email me at 4theloveofsleep@gmail.com. I would love to chat more and answer any other questions/concerns that you have. My clients are truly more like family. I want to make this hard process as easy as can be. I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon and getting to know you and your sweet babe!

What next?

Once you’ve selected which package is best your family, you will email me or fill out the contact me form. Let me know which package you prefer, any questions, and I will let you know my next available start dates. From there I will get your invoice and contract sent out about a week prior to our start date. Once you’ve paid and signed the contract I will start on your routine. You will receive the routine within 48hrs of your start date. Once you receive your email with the routine..it will have further instructions on how to proceed. **Purchasing packages from the website will be available in July.

What items are best to have or to use to make the program more successful?

- A swaddle (newborn- usually around 3-4 months. We stop swaddling once babe can roll from back to belly). I love the SwaddleMe or Nested Bean brands. - If baby is rolling from back to front and younger than 5 months old...I really recommend the Zipadee Zip or Magic Merlin. Until 5+ months old they still have a strong moro reflex which can keep them from getting into deeper sleep or even just placing themselves to sleep initially. - A sleep sack (nested bean) if they’re 5+ months old And they did not like or prefer the MM or ZZ. - Sound machine, any sound machine that will play consistently is key. - Dark room (black our curtains). This doesn’t mean your child will only be able to nap in a dark room, but the darker the room when learning..the easier it is. - Bassinet or Crib (their own sleep space). I really encourage parents that have babes older than 3 months to transition to their cribs. Of course this has to be something you’re comfortable with but allowing them to learn that they’re safe in their crib early on is super helpful. Speak with your dr with any further concerns.

Custom Printing to Promote Your Wallingford, CT Group


Brass City Custom provides amazing customer service throughout our design and printing process for our customers throughout the Wallingford, CT area. Our team can create amazing customized pieces with state-of-the-art technology.


Brass City Custom offers Graphic Design Services. We also offer two types of printingSilk Screen Printing and Direct to Garment Printing.

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