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Brass City Custom Design Services

Brass City Custom designers can help you take your graphic design to the next level!

Graphic Designer

Our team can help you get your graphic design ready to print!

In addition, our team can do anything ranging from minor touch ups to making a you a brand new design from scratch!

Create Print-Ready Files

We'll create the perfect print files for any print job. We can make you a graphic ready for use on virtually anything, from T-shirts to billboards.

Adjust Your Files

Minor touch ups to your existing files to make them just right.

  • Patching / Airbrushing

  • Adding text


  • Resizing 

Create New Graphics

Graphics from scratch.


  • Up to 3 sketches

  • 1 Revision

  • 1 Final graphic

1 Additional sketch - 10% of set price 
1 Additional revision - 20% of set price 

Redesign Your Logo

An entirely new logo for your brand.


  • Up to 3 sketches

  • High resolution png

  • One-on-one consultation

Let's make the most of your time!

What to prepare beforehand:

  • Reference photos
    Pictures or art to be recreated as part of your design

  • Inspirational photos
    Designs to inform your aesthetic

  • High resolution photos
    Pictures to include in the finished design

  • Rough sketches of layout
    Drawings to get the point across

  • Color swatches
    To establish a specific color profile

Sketching Butterflies


Brass City Custom, will not take responsibility and is not liable for graphics resulting in a cease and desist order. Brass City Custom assumes that all content provided by its clients is original and/or is copyrighted by the client.

Fill out this form and a member of our team will reach out within 24 hours to help with your design!*

*Business Days

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