Direct To Garment Apparel Printing For Your Small Business 

Limitless colors in high resolution.



Color limitations are a thing of the past with Brass City Custom's Direct To Garment (DTG) custom t-shirt and apparel printing. 


This process allows us to print any quantity order with highly detailed full color designs at an affordable price.


Your business can count on Brass City Custom to produce a high quality print of any complexity or level of detail on t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags and more. 


"Brass City Custom made some great shirts for my company and they made the whole process so easy. Will definitely be using them again and I highly recommend them!"

—  Peter, Texas Kids Parties

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Our DTG t-shirt printing service is perfect for highly detailed or complex designs, and graphics that include more than 4 colors. Armed with an Epson F2100 garment printer, Brass City Custom uses only the latest technology and inks for custom apparel printing. Your business can rest easy that we will deliver a high quality print every time.

No Color Limitations

A Direct To Garment printer functions very similarly to an inkjet computer printer you may find at home. Just like most home-printers, DTG is based on CYMK color palette. This means that we can print graphics featuring a limitless array of colors. Do you have a gradient in your business logo? Fear not. Our DTG printers can handle it!

High Resolution Graphics

The DTG printer is capable of delivering ink with degree of precision that is impossible to achieve with other garment printing methods. This means that we can print high resolution graphics such as a complex business logos, designs including more than 4 colors onto nearly any kind of apparel! We can with absolute accuracy on t-shirts, hoodies, raglans, polos, hats, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy the face shields or ear savers you make?

No, we are all volunteers and what we make is for donation to health care providers and other frontline workers.

What costs are involved in producing these items?

Each face shield costs roughly $1 to produce. Costs include filament for the 3D printed parts, sheets of transparent plastic, elastic, plastic bags, and replacement parts for printers. Volunteers donate their time and the use of their printers to the cause.

How are you making the face shields? What are they made of?

Our volunteer printers make the 3D printed visor using either PLA, PETG, or ABS filament. A replaceable transparent plastic sheet made from PET, PVC, or acetate attaches to pegs on the visor. Teams of local families help to prepare and assemble components of the visors.

I requested face shields. How do I assemble them?

Starting from the center and working outwards, push the holes in the transparent sheet over the pegs on the visor. You can attach a rubber band to the back of 3DVerkstan visors for added security. At this time, we only have a step by step assembly guide for 3Dverkstan, available here.

I requested face shields. How do I clean them?

Face shields should not be heat treated. Use soap and water or a variety of cleaning products depending on what material the shield is made from. Here is a chart of cleaning products appropriate for different materials. Each face shield should be worn by a single user only.

I requested face shields. How do I replace the transparency?

Replace the transparent sheet using letter-sized transparency film (laser not ink) or clear binder covers from any office supply store. Thicknesses between 7 mil and 12 mil (0.007-0.012) work well. Use a 3-hole or single hole punch to create the holes according to the instructions and templates. 3DVerkstan Budmen

How can I support your efforts?

We are looking for volunteers in New Jersey to 3D print the components of the shields, assemble them, or transport the supplies or deliver the ready items. In addition, we have a GoFundMe campaign to help us defray the costs of producing the face shields by purchasing the filament necessary to 3D print the plastic components and buying clear sheets and elastic.

If you have anymore questions about Direct to Garment Printing or our other services including Screen Printing and Graphic Design, check out our FAQ Page or give us a call at 860 294 2434 to speak with a member of our team.

Why Brass City Custom For Direct To Garment Printing?

It's simple, we offer the best service to local businesses, highest quality, no order minimums with DTG printingand lowest pricing among our competitors. Not to mention we are one of just a few print shops in the country with a Direct To Garment Printer! 


No matter the size of your business or your budget, you can feel confident that Brass City Custom will provide exemplary service, work within your budget, deliver a quality product, and meet (or beat) your deadline every time

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