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New Britain Custom Printed T-shirts

New Britain's Top T-shirt Printing Service

New Britain, CT Custom Tees & Apparel Printing

Brass City Custom's services in New Britain, CT

A direct to garmet printer.
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A silk screen printer.

New Britain, CT can count on Brass City Custom!


New Britain, CT can turn to Brass City Custom to create high quality designs and prints on custom tee shirts, tanks, raglans, pullovers and hoodies for all groups, organizations, and causes.

We offer Heat Transfer Vinyl and Silk Screen printing, as well as Graphic Design Services. 

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What makes us New Britain, CT's best choice

for custom apparel printing?

We're Local!

Brass City Custom works hard to provide superior service to New Britain. Even though we are a small operation, we are mighty! We like to work with other small businesses and organizations to help reach their goals!


We're Reliable!

We pride ourselves on our customer service. As a small operation we make sure every New Britain customer feels special with the time and support we provide. Brass City Custom works around the clock to make sure we deliver a high quality product on time every time.

We're Affordable!

No other company can offer prices as low as Brass City Custom. As a small operation we keep our design and labor costs low. These savings are passed on to our New Britain consumers who count on us!

We're Quality Conscious!

Brass City Custom keeps it consistent with the highest quality. Every shirt is printed and looked over to ensure it is produced precisely the way it was ordered before being shipped out to our New Britain consumers.

What New Britain, CT groups

can benefit from custom printed apparel?

An orange food truck.

Local Businesses

Local businesses should stick together and that is why Brass City Custom enjoys supporting other small businesses in the New Britain area. Restaurants, landscaping businesses, and local gyms are a few of the local businesses that can benefit from having their own customized apparel that serves as promotional clothing and functional purposes. We love working with local businesses!

Sports Teams

Sports teams and team spirit go hand in hand. Whether your New Britain, CT team needs classic customized cotton tee shirts, or pullovers for the colder months, let Brass City Custom bring the team together by creating all of your sports team needs!

A soccer ball with a blue background.
A multi colored boom box.

Local Bands

New Britain, CT bands can count on the customized band apparel printed by Brass City Custom to level your band up! Customized band merch allows for some revenue to be generated. This can help fund travel expenses for gigs and new equipment. Brass City Custom has a plethora of styles and colors to choose from that allow each band to create its unique look! Rock on in style!

Community Organizations and Clubs

New Britain, CT now has Brass City Custom to help provide them with quick reliable customized shirts, raglans, pullovers, zip-ups, hoodies, hats, and more! We can provide custom tees to Kiwanis, Lions Clubs, local chapters of ethnic organizations, Rotary, and Scouts BSA just to name a few. We print shirts for all kinds of camps, activities, road races and more!

Several sillouettes of people with thought bubbles.
A a green tank top and pink dress on a mannequin.

Freelance Artists and Designers


Brass City Custom has the ability to print high quality limited runs that are perfect for freelance artists and independent designers. The Brass City Custom catalog is loaded with customizable long or short sleeve shirts, men’s and women’s tanks, raglans, sweatshirts, and plenty more! New Britain, CT freelance artists and designers can count on Brass City for their custom apparel needs!


New Britain, CT students, staff, and parents from local or private schools can reach out to Brass City Custom to supply them with tees and shirts! No matter how many members your club or team has, Brass City Custom can get the job done! We can even provide your school with custom uniforms!

A red school building.
Hand with a heart in the middle.


New Britain outreach organizations can count on Brass City Custom to supply them with the apparel they need to spread word of their organization! We work with local New Britain, Connecticut volunteer groups, community service projects, and non-profit organizations. Brass City Custom can create beautiful customized apparel for your outreach organization to spread a message or awareness on your cause. We can even print on most store-bought articles of clothing!

Custom printing to promote your New Britain, CT cause

Brass City Custom offers design and apparel printing services in the New Britain area. Our team of professionals can take your existing designs and enhance them. We can even start from scratch to create unique custom apparel using our state-of-the-art technology.


Brass City Custom offers Graphic Design Services to create and Silk Screen Printing or Direct to Garment Printing to produce your one-of-a-kind product.

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