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Bethel, CT can count on Brass City Custom!

Brass City Custom designs and creates top-notch custom tees, pullovers, hoodies and raglans for Bethel, CT based schools, groups, organizations and local businesses.

With expertise in custom apparel and an unending passion for quality, Brass City Custom offers a wide range of in-style, comfortable, and trendy custom printed clothing and accessories at affordable prices. We provide Graphic Design Services, as well as two distinct types of printing— Silk Screen and Heat Transfer Vinyl.

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What makes us Bethel, CT's best choice

for custom apparel printing?

We're Local!

The apparel printing competitors in our area are often large companies. Brass City Custom is a small business, and so we understand the commitment to quality required to make your small business or organization stand out. You can count on us.

We're Affordable!

Our prices are guaranteed to undercut the pricing of our competitors. Due to our size, we are able to cut down the cost of labor and design, meaning our customers are sure to save a buck.

We're Reliable!

Our commitment to quality and to each of our customers big or small is our top priority. At Brass City Custom, we work around the clock on orders to guarantee our products get shipped on time, every time.

We're Quality Conscious!

Brass City Custom prides itself on consistent high-quality production. Every shirt is carefully printed and inspected to ensure the final product is precisely as ordered.

What Bethel, CT groups

can benefit from custom printed apparel?

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Local Businesses

Brass City Custom is a local business, and love to work businesses around Connecticut and the Northeast! From funeral homes, to lawn care companies, restaurants and more, we are ab le to manufacture affordable custom clothing that are both comfortable and effective at spreading awareness. To contact us, click here.

Sports Teams

Every successful sports team needs team spirit. Does your Bethel, CT team need new uniforms that are sure to boost team spirit? Brass City Custom makes high-end sports raglans, hoodies, pullovers and custom T-shirts that are sure to get your team pumped up for the game! Whether you’re out on a court or playing on a field, carefully made custom apparel will serve any team well.

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Local Bands

Customized apparel for your fans is an easy and hugely beneficial step to expand your band’s fanbase. Just starting up in or near the Bethel area? No problem! Brass City Custom can make you fashionable band branded raglans, hoodies, pullovers and more at a price within your bands budget. Bethel Bands can count on us to fulfill any custom printed apparel needs!

Community Organizations and Clubs

Brass City Custom prints apparel for community groups like Lion Clubs, Kiwanis, Rotary, the Scouts and ethnic organizations. We also print clothes for kids’ camps in Bethel, and of course  seasonal activities!

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Freelance Artists and Designers


Freelance artists and designers from Bethel can enjoy our products too! Brass City Custom will happily fill any limited run requests. Our catalog has a huge selection of clothing, including raglans, hoodies, pullovers, T-shirts, tank tops in men, women and unisex styles, sweatshirts and more!


Brass City Custom has worked with many schools on custom apparel orders, and excited to get started working with schools in the Bethel, CT area! Whether your school’s team needs just a few articles of clothing or a thousand, Brass City Custom can make it happen. Want your school’s logo custom printed on some tees? We can make that happen!

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Here at Brass City Custom, we care about the various local volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, and community service groups. We work with quite a lot of different outreach groups throughout the Bethel area, and we will work with your group too! We pride ourselves on the top-quality products we provide, including shirts, tank tops, pullovers, hoodies, raglans and more! Not only will your clothes be loved by all, but we can print them custom for your event!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of apparel does Brass City Custom offer?

Our options are chronicled in our updated 2018 catalog. Brass City Custom features clothing from Anvil, Alternative Apparel, Gildan, and District Made. Occasionally, we run specials on featured brands or on certain items from our shop. Our breathable tanks, custom printed shirts, in-fashion hoodies, raglans and stylish pullovers come in various styles and colors.

Can Brass City Custom print on apparel I have purchased from somewhere else?

Typically, yes we can! Brass City Custom offers printing on short/long sleeved shirts, hats, hoodies, and other pieces of clothing! We have printed for countless events, such as fundraisers, competitions, business events, and even parties in the Bethel, CT area. Need your design printed on an accessory? Just ask, and we’ll make it happen! Contact us using the Free Quote section on our site, and we will get started!

What’s included with your custom tee order?

Brass City Custom’s catalog contains a wide range of trendy clothing options to have your design printed on. Your selection includes shirts, hoodies, raglans, hoodies, pullovers, or any clothing you provide. If you are unsure of what to get a design printed on, our helpful staff offers advice to get the ball rolling! To contact us, click on the Free Quote section on our site. We will get back to you within 24 business hours with printing suggestions ( screen or DTG,) timelines and pricing. Once we have touched base, we will begin. If you have already have a design, logo or text for your apparel or accessory, we will include it flawlessly. Not sure what to pick? Our on-staff design team can help draw up an appropriate look that matches your taste. Once you have approved on a final design, we will begin printing, and when we are finished, we will pack up and ship the order from our store to your location in Bethel, CT.

How long does it take to receive my custom apparel?

For customers in Bethel, we can typically request a two week lead time following order placement. In case of an emergency, we can rush to get the order sent even faster, for an additional price. When you place the order, we will establish a timeline so that there is no confusion, and to ensure the timeline works with you and your event.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, please see our outline below: 1. Visit our catalog to see our available custom tees, pullovers, raglans, tanks and hoodies for your Bethel, CT group. If you do not find anything, contact us and we will guide you. 2. Request a quote using our simple form. We will reach out to you within 24 business hours. 3. Once we see the requested quote, we will email you. The email includes information like the type of clothing ordered, quantity of clothing, graphic placement, colors, and anything else about the order to give the most precise quote possible. 4. After you reply we will send you a digital copy of the order and a quote for the order. 5. Once you sign off on the digital copy, Brass City Custom will send you a final order form for you to fill out. The form contains a visual on the approved design, desired quantities, when it will arrive, and billing/shipping information. 6. Once the final order is received we will get blank shirts and get to work! We provide an invoice on the same day that the shirts are ordered. 7. We will contact you once the order is complete to create a schedule for delivery for your custom apparel and accessories. My graphics need an update. Does Brass City Custom offer design services? Of course! Brass City Custom’s talented design team can turn your dreams into wearable clothing. We will work with you to ensure the final design is exactly what you and your organization needs. To learn more, please check out our design services!

My graphic needs an update. Does Brass City Custom offer design services?

Yes! Brass City Custom’s in-house design team can turn your ideas into reality. We will work with you to develop the exact design that works best for your event or business. Check out Design Services to learn more!

Custom printing to promote your Bethel, CT cause

Brass City Custom provides design and apparel printing services or organizations and individuals around the Bethel, CT area. Our skilled designers can take your ideas and create amazing custom apparel using our cutting edge technology.  


Brass City Custom offers Graphic Design Services, as well as two distinct types of printing— Silk Screen Printing and Direct to Garment Printing.

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