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BCC Tee-spirations


BBC's  goal for Tee-spirations is to spread positivity & encouragement to individuals, groups, teams & clubs and to give purpose, meaning, and motivation to people of all walks of life



1- Choose a word from our list or give us your own word that is special to you or to the recipient of tee-spirations.

2 - Think of why you are trying to self identify with one word that will encourage, motivate, inspire or ignite your goal or the recipient's goal.

Here  are some questions to ask:

What makes you happy?

What are some fears or doubts you want to overcome?

What are some things up to improve?

What words will help fuel and motivate you?

What are some of your hopes & dreams?

What is an inpirational message you love?

What word will remind you to stay positive?

3 - Once you pick a word or inspirational message the next step is production of your Tee-spiration!


ASPIRE                                HAPPINESS                        SURVIVOR       

BALANCE                           HONESTY                             UNITY

BELIEVE                             HONOR                                  YOU CAN DO IT

BLESSED                            HOPE                                      YOU GOT THIS

BRAVE                                 HUSTLER                             WARRIOR

BREATHE                           I AM BEAUTIFUL              WORTHY

COMPASSION                   I AM SMART

CONFIDENCE                   I AM.........

COURAGE                          I CAN DO IT

CREATE                              INSPIRE

 EMPOWER(ED)               JOY 

FAITH                                 KINDNESS

FAMILY                              LOVE

FEARLESS                        PURPOSE

FOCUS                                RESILIENT

GOOD VIBES                    STRENGTH

GRATEFUL                       STRONG

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